R. Crosby Kemper

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Rufus Crosby Kemper Sr.
Born 1892
Valley Falls, Kansas
Died 1972
Occupation Banker
Children R. Crosby Kemper Jr.
Parent(s) William T. Kemper

Rufus Crosby Kemper Sr. (1892-1972) was a banker. He is known for expanding City Center Bank, acquired by his father, from a three-man operation with $600,000 in deposits into UMB Financial Corporation, with $300 million in deposits, during his tenure from 1919 to September 1967.

Kemper is a great-grand-uncle of actress Ellie Kemper (born 1980).

Early life[edit]

Rufus Crosby Kemper was born in 1892 in Valley Falls, Kansas. His father, William T. Kemper, bought City Center Bank (which was founded in 1913) during World War I.[citation needed]


William first appointed Crosby's younger brother James M. Kemper president of the bank in 1919. However, James resigned a month later and went on to become president of rival Commerce Bancshares. Rufus became president of the bank, a position he held until 1959, when his son R. Crosby Kemper Jr. took over. William remained a director until September 1967.


Kemper contributed substantially to philanthropies in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area and Kemper Arena is named for him.[citation needed]

Crosby also served as a regent at Rockhurst University, president of Interstate Securities, and director of Kansas City Title & Trust Company.

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