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Provincial route R29 shield

Provincial route R29
Route information
Maintained by GDRT and MDPWRT
Length127.4 km (79.2 mi)
Major junctions
From R41 in Johannesburg
  R21 in Boksburg
R23 in Benoni
R51 in Springs
R42 near Springs
R50 near Leandra
To N17 near Evander
Major citiesJohannesburg, Germiston, Boksburg, Benoni, Springs, Devon, Leandra, Kinross, Evander
Highway system
Numbered routes of South Africa

The R29 is a provincial route in South Africa that connects Johannesburg with Leandra and Kinross via Germiston, Boksburg, Benoni and Springs. For much of its route it is named Main Reef Road. The R29 used to end near the [Golela] border post, however the section from Evander to Ermelo is now part of the N17 (prior to construction of the N17 extension from Leandra to Trichardt, the N17 used to follow the alignmnent of R29 from Leandra, however, the extension of the N17 highway has resulted in the old section of the road being given to R29). The section from Ermelo to the border post[clarification needed] is now part of the N2.


The R29 begins in Johannesburg, at a junction with the R41 in Westgate, as Marshall Street eastwards and Anderson Street westwards (one-way streets). The R29 continues eastwards as John Page Street by way of a right turn. Shortly after, it becomes Main Reef Road. After Cleveland, the route continues by way of a right turn at Stanhope Road.

North of Germiston Central, the R29 continues by way of a right turn at Shamrock Road, where it meets the M57 Municipal Route. At the next junction, the R29 continues eastwards by way of a left turn towards Boksburg. At Boksburg North, it intersects with the R21 and continues as Cason Road, up to its junction with the M43 road, where it enters Benoni. Through Benoni, It is Princess Avenue eastwards and Ampthill Avenue westwards (one-way streets) (meeting the R23 during this time), up to Kleinfontein, where it is named Main Reef Road again and proceeds by way of a right turn. After Mackenzie Park, it continues by way of a left turn and then a right turn at Modder Road.

South of Kingsway, the R29 joins the R51 Southwards for 5 Km before splitting in the vicinity of Springs. The R29 continues eastwards and intersects with the R555 in Springs. It makes a 38 Km journey to Devon, intersecting with the R42 midway between Springs and Devon. From Devon, it continues eastwards for 16 Km to Leandra, Mpumalanga. The R29 is parallel to the N17 National Route from Springs to Leandra. (Also used as an alternative route when the N17 Highway has issues)

The R29 used to end in Leandra by the R50 Road Junction, with the straight road eastwards being part of the N17 National Route (The N17 formed a Z-Shape in Leandra, Cosigned with The R50 up to that junction). But Today, the N17 is now a continuous straight Highway from its primary junction with the R50, letting the continuous road from the R29 & R50 junction eastwards also remain with the R29 designation.

The R29 remains following and being an alternative route to The N17 Highway up to a point north of Evander and Secunda. From Leandra, the R29 journeys eastwards for 20 Km to the town of Kinross (North of Evander). after Kinross, it goes for another 10 Km to mark its end at a point north-west of Secunda, where it meets the R580 Road and the N17 Highway.

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