R316 (South Africa)

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Regional route R316 shield

Regional route R316
Route information
Length96 km (60 mi)
Major junctions
Northwest end N2 at Caledon
  R320 in Caledon
R317 near Bredasdorp
R319 in Bredasdorp
Southeast endArniston
Major citiesCaledon, Napier, Bredasdorp, Arniston
Highway system
Numbered routes of South Africa

The R316 is a regional route in the Western Cape province of South Africa that connects Caledon to the northwest with Arniston to the southeast via Bredasdorp and Napier.[1] It runs for 96 kilometres (60 mi) and maintains a south-easterly direction for most of its course.

The route begins at a junction with the N2 in Caledon. In Caledon, it gives off the R320 towards Hermanus. Leaving Caledon, its next major intersection is with the crossing R326. From there it continues onward to Napier and then Bredasdorp. Just outside Bredasdorp it receives R317, and in the town it overlaps with the R319. From Bredasdorp, the route reaches its coastal conclusion at Arniston.


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