RFA War Pathan (X84)

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RFA Ensign
Name: RFA War Pathan
Builder: Sir James Laing & Sons Ltd, Sunderland
Launched: 19 March 1919
Commissioned: 1923
Decommissioned: 16 October 1947
  • Sold, 1947
  • Scrapped, 1950
General characteristics
Type: War-class tanker
Displacement: 5,581 long tons (5,671 t)
Length: 400 ft (120 m)

RFA War Pathan (X84) was a War-class tanker of the British Royal Fleet Auxiliary.[1]

The ship was built by Sir James Laing & Sons Ltd. at their Deptford Yard in Sunderland, and launched on 19 March 1919.[2]

Originally managed by Andrew Weir Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd. in 1923 it was transferred to the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, and served throughout World War II.[2]

The ship was sold as a merchant vessel on 16 October 1947 to Bulk Storage Co. (P.Bauer), London and renamed Basing Bank,[2] in 1948 to Basinghall Shipping Co., London, and was scrapped in 1950 at Antwerp.


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