Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane

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Radio Times With Marty Moss-Coane
Genre Interview
Running time ca. 100 min.
Country of origin  United States
Language(s) English
Home station WHYY
Syndicates NPR, WHYY
Hosted by Marty Moss-Coane
Recording studio Philadelphia, PA
Website Website

Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane is an hour-long radio talk show hosted by Marty Moss-Coane, broadcast on WHYY five days a week. The show is produced in Philadelphia and features local Philadelphia politicians, academics and artists, featuring guests such as Governor Ed Rendell, as well as national and international figures of interest, like Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.[1]

The show is broadcast live weekdays at 10:00AM EST, rebroadcast at 10:00PM EST and the show occasionally hosts TV specials with notable guests on WHYY TV. Philadelphia Magazine called Radio Times the "Best Radio Program in Philadelphia." The show and its host have been acknowledged as one of WHYY Radio's strongest assets.[2]

Radio Times is primarily a radio call in show divided between caller participation and hosted interview and discussion. During a normal show, Marty Moss-Coane typically interviews guests and then invites callers to ask questions and make comments on the air.

Radio Times' theme music is "Can't Run But" by Paul Simon off his 1990 album The Rhythm of the Saints. The music break at each half-hour point is currently "JB" by Kevin Eubanks off his 2012 album The Messenger.

Since February 15, 2017, Radio Times has been one hour long.[3] The program previously was two hours in length with segments divided between Moss-Coane and another host.


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