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Rafael Garzón was a Spanish photographer born in Córdoba in 1863 and died in 1923. His studio was opened until 1935.

He held studios in:

  • Calle Triunfo 127, Córdoba. The name of this Studio was Estudio fotográfico Hispano-árabe Casa del Califa
  • Calle Alhambra 24, Granada (Inside the Alhambra of Granada).
  • Calle Mendez Nuñez 5, Seville.

He recorded with his camera the landscapes and monuments of Andalucía. He became famous because of his photographic portraits made in his studio inside The Alhambra. His photographs illustrated the Commercial Guide of Granada. In Seville, where he arrived in 1901, he hold a studio with a sumptuous Arabic scenary in order to use it for his photographs. He made portraits of the aristocracy of Seville and also of the first tourists of the XIX century who used to travel to Andalucía. This is why his photographs are spread outside Spain too. He also made albums and postcards of monuments of Seville.


  • Historia General de la Fotografia en Sevilla by Miguel Angel Yañez Polo
  • Del Daguerrotipo a la Instamatic by Juan Miguel Sánchez Vigil

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