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M. A. R. "Rafey" Habib
OccupationAcademic literary critic, Poet
Alma materUniversity of Oxford

M. A. R. "Rafey" Habib is an Indian-born Muslim poet and scholar of literature who has written several books of literary criticism. Habib grew up in England, where he gained his PhD from the University of Oxford. He currently teaches at Rutgers University-Camden in the United States[1] and was previously a Professor of English at Kingston University, London.[2]

As a Muslim poet who felt bothered by militant extremism, and "the fasle image of Islam" perpetrated by terrorists, Habib has used his poetry to condemn terrorism.[3][4]


Habib's books include:

  • (2010). Shades of Islam: Poems for a New Century (Kube)
  • (2007). Modern Literary Criticism and Theory: A History (Blackwell)
  • (2005). A History of Literary Criticism: From Plato to the Present (Blackwell). This has been praised in the Bryn Mawr Classical Review, which described it as "serious, ambitious, informative and intellectually challenging. Readers who are serious, ambitious, eager to learn material that is not always easily accessible, and open to intellectual challenge will be those who will profit most from it."[5]
  • (2003). Editor and translator, An Anthology of Modern Urdu Poetry in Translation (Modern Language Association)
  • (1999). The Early T.S. Eliot and Western Philosophy (Cambridge University Press)
  • (1991). The Dissident Voice: Poems of N.M. Rashed: Translated from the Urdu (Oxford University Press)


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