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Coordinates: 54°53′09″N 23°55′38″E / 54.88583°N 23.92722°E / 54.88583; 23.92722

SP Volfas Engelman
Sole proprietorship
Industry Light alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Founded 1853
Headquarters Kaunas,
Kaunakiemio 2
Key people
CEO Vytautas Meištas
Products Beer, cider, cocktails, kvass, energy drink
Number of employees
Around 200 (2009)
Website http://www.volfasengelman.lt/en/

Volfas Engelman is an alcohol beverage producer in Kaunas, Lithuania.

As of 2009, 99.57% of Volfas Engelman shares belong to Finnish company group Olvi Plc. It is one of the most modern light alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages producer in Lithuania, which produces and sells beer, kvass, cider, alcohol cocktails, and energy drinks.

According to market research company AC Nielsen, Volfas Engelman is the third biggest player in the beer market; it has 37% of cider market share, 26% of alcohol cocktails, and 13% of energy drinks market in 2009. Smetoniska gira, a kvass that was launched in 2008, was the market leader in 2009.


The brewery Volfas Engelman was opened in Kaunas in 1853 by a Lithuanian Jewish merchant, after merchant Raphail Wolf started boiling "Wolf's beer" in his own brewery. At that time he was producing only several buckets of beer a day, however, at the time it was a new high quality beer. Later the ownership of the factory went to his son Iser Ber Wolf. Iser Ber Wolf together with A. S. Soloveichik, another famous person in Kaunas in the last decade of 19th century, decided to buy a brewery from the competitor Ferdinand Engelmann. Hence, based on this they established a new brewery "Steam-driven Beer and Malt Factory Engelmann".

In 1927 several names for the brewery were used: I. B. Wolf – Engelmann, J. B. Wolf – Engelmann, J. B. Wolf – Engelman, but the official name proved by the Finance minister was "Joint-stock Company of Beer Breweries and Molt Factories". At that time the sales amounted to 40% of all beer consumption in Lithuania. Till the World War I that beer was exported to Grodno, Bialystok, Suwałki, Łomża.

In 1930 "I. B. Wolf – Engelman" sold 3.4 milliliters of production – about one third of all beer made in Lithuania. For this contribution and its quality, the company received a number of gold and silver medals.

In 1940 the company "I.B.Volfas-Engelman" was nationalized. The name was changed into "The previous I. B. Wolf – Engelman brewery". Since 1941 the name "Raudonoji pasvaiste" is found in the documents. Later it was changed once again into "Perkunas".

In 1959 "Beer and Soft Drinks Syndicate of Kaunas" was established on the basis of beer breweries "Volfas Engelman" and "Raudonoji pašvaistė". In 1967 the syndicate was renamed to "Ragutis", after a Lithuanian god of beer.

After Lithuania regained its independence in 1990, "Volfas Engelman" was given a status of Kaunas Public Beer Brewery. The disaffiliated second plant became an independent beer company "Zalsvytis". During the years 1993-1994 40% of "Volfas Engelman" production was sold in Kaunas.

At the beginning of 1997, the Czech beer brewery "Pilzner Urquell" bought 51% of Volfas Engelman's shares. The new owners concentrated on the production process and the quality of the beer; therefore they decided to suspend the production of other drinks. Around 10 million litas was invested into modernization of the brewery. The focus was on the improvement of production quality, an increase of production efficiency, and expansion of production capacity.

In 1999 "Olvi Plc" bought "Volfas Engelman" shares from Pilzner Urquell. Currently Olvi Plc owns 99.57% of Volfas Engelman shares.



  • "Horn" Premium – 5,2% strength high quality beer, which is exceptional for its taste and strong foam. It's being sold in 0.5 l cans.
  • "Horn" Disel - 5,3% strength beer of light taste. It's being sold in 0.5 l cans.
  • "Fortas" šviesusis – 5% beer of the highest quality. It's being sold in 0.5 l cans, glass bottles, 4-packs, and 2 l plastic bottles.
  • "Fortas" stiprusis – 8,1% strength light beer. It's being sold in 0.5 l glass bottles, 1 l and 2 l plastic bottles.
  • "Fortas" stipriausias – 9% strength light beer. It's being sold in 0.5 l glass bottles and 2l plastic bottles.
  • "Fortas" tradicinis – 6,1% strength beer. It's being sold in 2.15 l plastic bottles.
  • "Fortas" Pilsner – 4,7% strength light beer. It's being sold in 0.5 l cans and 2l plastic bottles.
  • "Volfas Engelman" Rinktinis– 5,2% strength light beer. It's being sold in 0.5 l glass bottles of original design and 1 pint (0.568 l) cans.
  • "Volfas Engelman" Imperial portelis – 6% strength dark porter. It's being sold in 0.5 l glass bottles of original design with an opening function in the bottom and 1 pint (0.568 l) cans.
  • Beer cocktail "b-shake" – 2,9% strength cocktails of beer and tequila with lemon, and beer and coke tastes. It's being sold in 0.33 l glass bottles.


  • "Fizz" – 4.7% strength naturally fermented cider of pear, strawberry, blackberry, tangerine, and other tastes. It's being sold in 0.5 l cans and 1.5 l plastic bottles.
  • "Real" – 6% strength cider of exotic fruits, peer, wild berry, and peach. It's being sold in 1.5 l plastic bottles.

Alcohol cocktails[edit]

  • "A. Le Coq G:N" – 5.6% strength alcohol cocktail of "Safari", "Mai Tai", "Green lime" tastes. It's being sold in 0.5 l cans and 1.5 l plastic bottles.
  • "Jamaica" – 8.1% sparkling alcohol cocktail of watermelon, grapefruitgin, lemon-cactus, strawberry-banana, kiwi-green lemon, and orange tastes. It's being sold in 1.5 l plastic bottles.


  • "Smetoniška gira" – naturally leavened kvass. It's being sold in 0.5 l cans and glass bottles as well as 1 l and 1.5 l plastic bottles.

Energy drinks[edit]

  • "Dynami:t"– energy drink of traditional taste with guano's extract. It's being sold in 0.33 l cans and 0.5 l plastic bottles.
  • "Dynami:t juice" – refreshing energy drink with juice. It's being sold in 0.5 l plastic bottles.

Events sponsored by "Volfas Engelman"[edit]

  • "Hansa dienos". Each year one of the cities, which is a member of "New Hansa" organization, is delegated to be a center of international Hanza days celebration. Hence, thousands of participants come from the partner cities for a week. Since 1991 Kaunas is the only city in Lithuania that belongs to an international union New Hansa. Each year Kaunas presents its cuisine, art, music, theater, and other heritage in an annual union event International Hansa Days. A number of participants and artists from countries, such as Germany, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Norway, and the Netherlands, are performing in the event.
  • "Kaunas City Day" – an annual city's birthday celebration, which attracts lots of attention from inhabitants and guests. Traditionally it's taking place on about 20 May, as on this day in 1463 Kazimieras Jogailaitis renewed and extended the city's rights. The main events are taking place in the streets and squares of Kaunas old town. Each year something valuable is created for Kaunas: anthologies of poems about Kaunas, city's symbol Kaunutis, a coin with Tauras. During the celebration the city has the atmosphere of spring, visitors are attending a number of fairs and concerts that represent both professional and amateur life of artists in Kaunas.
  • "Operetta in Kaunas Castle" – the first operettas festival of this type in Eastern Europe. In 2009 it was taking place for the 8th time already. Each year famous soloists from Lithuania and other countries are participating in this festival. The event is taking place in the yard of Musical Theater. Each year opera, ballet, musical, cinema music, Neapolitan song or other genres are visiting the festival. In 2008 Spanish operetta zarzuela was an honorable guest.
  • "Pažaislis Music Festival" – the longest music festival in Lithuania, which lasts for the whole summer. In 2009 it was taking place for the 14th time. Both local and foreign artists participate on the stage. Organizers are focused for the younger generation to get to know the history of Lithuania. A part of the events are free of charge.
  • "Amber Couple" – international dancing competition, which became a traditional art and sports event and at the same time a school for young dancers in Kaunas. Plenty of couples who have participated in this competition are currently globally promoting the name of Kaunas and Lithuania.
  • State Drama Theater of Kaunas – a theater which started the professional life of Lithuanian theater as such. Ever since the opening of the theater it has been a place where many talents wanted to express themselves in various genres – tragedy, comedy, romance, eclectics, etc.
  • "Lithuanian Theater Spring" – festival of professional theater that each year brings spring to Kaunas. The festival takes place at Girstutis culture house and it's titled as the oldest stage art festival in Lithuania. Each year professional and amateur theaters from the whole Lithuania show the most interesting performance they have created. That is a remarkable cultural event that goes together with traditions and presents the main art tendencies.
  • "Kauno rampa" – a celebration of Lithuanian amateur theater taking place annually since 1973. Each year best Lithuanian amateur theaters come to Kaunas to perform their newest and plays. Many people of different age, interests, and hobbies attend the event, when for four days Kaunas lives in a celebration mood.
  • "Kaunas talent" – it's a celebration of the popular music and dance, which aims at increasing popularity of children and youth music, finding and encouraging talent artists to emerge, and getting acquainted to songs and dances of foreign countries. During the eight year when the celebration is taking place, artists from Austria, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Israel, Albania, Russia, Portugal, Ukraine, Latvia, USA, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Italy, Moldova, Germany, and other countries have visited the event.

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