Capture of Gorée

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Capture of Gorée
Part of Seven Years' War
Attack on Goree 29 decembre 1758.jpg
Overview of the attack on Gorée by Dominic Serres
Date December 1758
Location Gorée Present day Senegal
Result British victory
 Great Britain  France
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Great Britain Augustus Keppel Kingdom of France Blaise Estoupan de Saint-Jean
11 ships
1 regiment & two companies of foot
1 fortress with 300 troops
Casualties and losses
Light 300 captured
Gorée and its fortifications

The Capture of Gorée occurred in December 1758 when a British naval expedition led by Augustus Keppel against the French island of Gorée off the coast of Senegal during the Seven Years' War.[1]

Keppel bombarded the fortress and then landed his marines to take possession. The French Blaise Estoupan de Saint-Jean surrendered the fortress and the island. The garrison (about 300 men) and many Africans became prisoners of war and 110 guns and mortars were captured.[2]

The island was occupied by the British until 1763 when it was returned following the Treaty of Paris.


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Coordinates: 14°40′01″N 17°23′54″W / 14.6669°N 17.3983°W / 14.6669; -17.3983