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This article contains contestant information and episode summaries from Season 2 of the Estonian competitive science television series Rakett69. Season 1 aired starting on January 14, 2012 and concluded on April 21, 2012.

The show was divided into 16 episodes, each about 27 minutes long. Parallel to the TV show, an internet show also aired on The official homepage[1]


The 15 contestants, who got through the talent show, were initially divided into the Green team, the Orange team and the Blue team.

Contestant School Initial team
Aleksander Vdovets Maardu Gümnaasium, Grade 10 Orange
Riinu Ansper Tartu University, Chemistry, 1st year Orange
Andreas Ragen Ayal Tartu University, Physics, 1st year Blue
Kristjan Kalve Hugo Treffner Gymnasium, Grade 10 Blue
Siim Kurvits Hugo Treffner Gymnasium, Grade 10 Green
Erki Lomp Miina Härma Gymnasium, Grade 11 Blue
Ann Leen Mahhov Tallinna Reaalkool, Grade 10 Green
Ove Liis Mahhov Tallinna Reaalkool, Grade 12 Orange
Mats Mikkor Viljandi Carl Robert Jakobsoni-nimeline gümnaasium, Grade 12 Orange
Madis Ollikainen Tartu University, Physics, 1st year Blue
Reet Rosar Tapa Gümnaasium, Grade 12 Green
Taavi Simson Tallinn University of Technology, Material Technology, 3rd year Blue
Simo Jarek Zaranen Taru Kivilinna Gümnaasium, Grade 12 Green
Timothy Henry Charles Tamm Gustav Adolf Grammar School, Grade 10 Green
Kristiina Tüür Tartu University,Biology, 3rd year Orange


Each episode consisted of three challenges, one contestant had to leave each episode.

Episode 1[edit]

  • Theme: Talent show
  • Original airdate: January 7.
  • Challenge: In the first episode, 30 contestants had to impress the judges with a short presentation. Most of the presentations were either physical or chemical experiments. 15 contestants were chosen to compete in the first season.

Episode 2[edit]

  • Theme: History
  • Original airdate: January 14.
  • Challenges: The contestants were divided into three teams with the help of robot Oskar.

The first challenge was to measure the distance of a hammer without stepping away from the table.

The second challenge was to light a candle using the various given materials.

The third challenge was to purify a cup of contaminated water.

  • Result: The Blue team lost and Kristjan was sent home.