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श्री रमेश भाई ओझा
Shree Ramesh Bhai Ojha
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Pujya Acharya Bhaishri Shri Ramesh Bhai Ojha
Born August 31, 1957 CE
Devka, Gujarat, India
Nationality Indian
Titles/honours Acharya, Bhaishri
Sect associated Vaishnavism
Guru Jeevrajbhai Oza
Philosophy Vedanta, Bhakti

Ramesh Oza(Hindi: रमेश ओझा) is a Hindu spiritual leader. He is a preacher of Vedanta Philosophy. His devotional songs are famous for his heart-touching voice.


Born on August 31, 1957, in a village Devka in the Saurashtra (region) of Gujarat, India. As a son of Audichya Brahmin Shri Vrajlal Kanjibhai Oza and Smt. Laxmiben Oza. Bhaishri got his initial education at 'Tatvajyoti', a Sanskrit school Rajola. Eventually, he moved to Mumbai, where he completed his primary education and attended college. He was inspired by his uncle, Shri Jeevarajbhai Oza as Shri Jeevrajbhai was narrator of the Shrimad Bhagavat. Shri Jeevrajbhai had noticed his interest that led him to study and practice religious scriptures and also encouraged him.


He held his first discourse on the Shrimad Bhagavat at the age of 13. At the age of 18 he held Shrimad Bhagavat katha recitation in central Mumbai. To date, Bhaishree has conducted numerous Kathas all over the world.

Notable Work[edit]

He is the founder of an educational institute namely Devka Vidyapith and Sandipani Vidyapith, to conform to the ancient Rishi-Gurukul tradition of India. Hindu Smitoday, in recognition of his social and spiritual contributions, awarded him Hindu of the year 2006 award.


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