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RAMIS Software [Rapid Access Management Information System] is a fourth-generation programming language capable of generating reports using simple language and many fewer lines of code than previous third-generation programing languages such as COBOL. RAMIS and its most recent version dubbed RAMIS II were developed at Mathematica Products Group, in Princeton, New Jersey, in the late 1960s through the early 1980s.

RAMIS is the predecessor of Information Builder's FOCUS, with Gerry Cohen as a common developer and IBI founder. RAMIS was available for purchase in a variety of environments, including (starting in 1969) on a royalty basis from National CSS, Inc., on their proprietary time-sharing system. Mathematica Products Group was acquired for a brief time by Martin Marietta Corporation. In 1987 RAMIS was sold to Online Software International until it was acquired by its current owners, Computer Associates, Long Island, New York.

RAMIS stands for Rapid Access Management Information System.