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Raoul A. Robinson (September 25, 1928 in Saint Helier, Jersey - 25 July 2014) was a Canadian/British plant scientist with more than forty years of wide-ranging global experience in crop improvement for both commercial and subsistence agriculture. He is best known for his application of system theory to crop pathosystems and the elucidation of the concepts of horizontal and vertical resistance and their implication on breeding for durable resistance.[1]


He was educated at Victoria College, Jersey,[2] and graduated from the University of Reading in 1951.


Over the course of his adventurous and productive career, Robinson concentrated most intensively on maize, potatoes, beans, and coffee. In addition, he has worked with cotton, tomatoes, dates, wheat, alfalfa, cocoa, cassava, coconut, tobacco, taro, sweet potato, vanilla, black pepper, and other crops.


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