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Raoxueman (born Sichuan Province, China) is a writer of youth literature. She has written more than fifty published works. She won the 'Good Works' award in 'Juvenile Literature' for seven consecutive years.[citation needed]


Born in the 1970s, Raoxueman began to write at the age of fourteen. Before being a writer, she had served as editor, host and DJ. She edited the magazine Seventeen,[1]漫Girl and 最Girl After graduating from Sichuan Institute of Technology in 1994,[2] she became a free writer. Later, the first domestic combination of authors called Flower Clothes (Chinese:Huayishang) was established by Rao, Wumeizhen and Yuyujun in 2001.

Works and Achievements[edit]

Her books have a considerable following of fans online. The best known are: If the Deep-sea Fish in Tears; School Uniform Hem; Left Ear;[3]Hourglass; Farewell Song and Secret Results. Her works have appeared on bestseller lists around the country (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) and the novel Every Day, Sky Blue was published in Japan. The film Love of Hourglass is adapted from Raoxueman's novel, Hourglass.

Here is a selection of the published books:

  • Birds of Flying over Youth[4]
  • Rose Woke up Jasmine Opened[5]
  • The Most Familiar Stranger[6]
  • The Fish can Dance[7]
  • QQ Brother and Sister[8]
  • Ice Cream is in Love.[9]


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