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Rapture at the Dark Munich Festival 2014

Rapture is a doom metal/melodic death metal band formed in 1997 in Helsinki, Finland.


In 1999, Rapture signed a contract with Spinefarm Records and released their debut album, Futile, in late 1999. The album was also licensed to Relapse Records for distribution outside of Finland. In early 2002, the band recorded their second effort, titled Songs for the Withering. This album sold better than their debut and gave Rapture recognition beyond the local scene, eventually leading them to sign a contract with Century Media. Rapture released their third album, Silent Stage, in 2005. This album continued in the vein of the previous two, with a morose, depressive atmosphere and a combination of both clean vocals and death growls. The band is currently without a record label.


Current members[edit]

  • Petri Eskelinen – vocals
  • Tomi Ullgren – guitar
  • Aleksi Ahokas – guitar
  • Ian Huntely – bass
  • Pete Raatikainen – drums

Former members[edit]

  • Henri Villberg – vocals
  • Jarno Salomaa – guitar
  • Joni Öhman – bass
  • Sami Hinkka – bass
  • Samuel Ruotsalainen – drums


  • Broken Daydream (Demo, 1998)
  • Futile (1999)
  • Songs for the Withering (2002)
  • Silent Stage (2005)

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