Raymond de Péreille

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Raymond de Péreille (Catalan: Ramon de Perella, Occitan: Raimon de Perelha) was an Occitan nobleman who was the lord of Château de Montségur. Born about 1186, he rebuilt the destroyed castle after 1204.[1] He married in 1222 and resided in the castle together with his cousin Pierre-Roger de Mirepoix who also became his in-law by marrying Philippa, Raymond's daughter, around 1239. Under Raymond's protection, Guilhabert de Castres set up the center of Catharism at Montségur around 1232.[1] The fall of Montségur in 1244 ended organized Carthar activity in the Occitan region.[1] Surviving the end of Montségur he was interrogated by the inquisition in May, 1244.


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