Reagan (film)

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Directed byEugene Jarecki
Produced by
Eugene Jarecki
Written byEugene Jarecki
Based onlife of US President Ronald Reagan
Music byRobert Miller
CinematographyÉtienne Sauret
Edited bySimon Barker
Charlotte Street Films
Distributed byHBO (USA) BBC (UK, on BBC4)
Release date
23 January 2011
Running time
105 minutes

Reagan is a 2011 American documentary film, written and directed by Eugene Jarecki, covering the life and presidency of Ronald Reagan. The documentary was aired as part of the centennial anniversary of Reagan's birth,[1] and screened at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.[2] The film includes interviews with and commentary by several people who worked in Reagan's White House.[3]

It was reviewed favorably by New York Times columnist Bob Herbert, who wrote, "Mr. Jarecki’s documentary does a first-rate job of respectfully separating the real from the mythical, the significant from the nonsense."[4]


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