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Real-World Economics Review
Edited byEdward Fullbrook
Publication details
Former name(s)
Post-Autistic Economics Review, Post-Autistic Economics Newsletter
Post-Autistic Economics Network
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Real-World Econ. Rev.
OCLC no.367587215

Real-World Economics Review is a peer-reviewed open access academic journal of heterodox economics published by the "Post-Autistic Economics Network" since 2000. Since 2011 it is associated with the World Economics Association.[1] It was known formerly as the Post-Autistic Economics Review and the Post-Autistic Economics Newsletter.[2][3] Previous issues are archived on its website.[1] Two sister journals from the same publisher are Economic Thought and World Economics Review.[4]

The journal is part of the post-autistic economics movement, and, as such, heavily criticizes neoclassical economics. It accepts contributions from diverse schools of economic thought.

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