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A Reasor's grocery store in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Reasor Llc (more simply Reasor's or Reasor's Groceries) is an Employee-owned, full-service, regional grocery store chain based in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Reasor's has nineteen locations in northeastern Oklahoma (including seventeen locations in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma). One source has stated that the company has 2500 employees [1], while the Reasor's home page has indicated that the company has "over 2000 employees." [2]

Store departments and services[edit]

Reasor's offers services typical of large grocery stores: meat and deli products, fresh produce, dairy and cheese products, canned goods, etc. Most locations offer in-store banking services (including an ATM), and pharmacies. Recently, Reasor's has begun the service of allowing customers to shop for groceries online (begun at its Tahlequah store).

Founding and company history[edit]

Reasor's was founded in 1963 with a single store located in Tahlequah by Larry Reasor. His fundamental business philosophy was to "sell the customers items they want to buy."

Reasor's current CEO is Jeff Reasor (Larry Reasor's son); he has stated that it is his desire to continue operating the company using his father's vision. He has also stated that "customer service" and "putting customers needs first" continue to be the primary business philosophy of Reasor's.

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