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Red Iron or Iron Red may refer to:

  • Iron(III) oxide, a common red oxide of iron
  • Red Iron, an iron oxide-based ceramic colorant
  • Rust, rusted, or rusty iron
  • Iron Ore, which may be Hematite (literally, blood-like stone), Taconite, or other types red-colored iron ore
  • A particular place, street, or business name in the Mesabi Range or similar iron ore mining region
  • Structural steel, because it is often manufactured with no rust protection or with only a red oxide coating
  • A business or service name for organizations that sell or install structural steel
  • Red Iron Lake, a lake group in South Dakota
  • Red Iron! (1940 book), the story of a young civil engineer, set in the Depression, by Courtney Parmly Brown


  • Red Iron (Ma-za-sha), a Sioux Chief, signer of Treaty of Traverse des Sioux, and lifetime ambassador for peace who rescued hundreds of settlers taken captive in the Dakota War of 1862