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Directed by Jon Hewitt
Written by Jon Hewitt
Starring Belinda McClory
John Brumpton
Release date
Country Australia
Language English
Budget under A$300,000[1]
Box office A$30,276 (Australia)[2]

Redball is a 1999 Australian film.

Jon Hewitt wrote the script after seeing Belinda McClory in Janus, which was produced and aired on ABC TV between 1994 and 1995.[3]

Most of the budget came from private sources with $100,000 from Film Victoria. The movie was shot on Mini-DV.[4]


Against a background of ongoing and systemic corruption, Victoria Police detectives Wilson and Walsh are tasked with solving a series of child murders committed in Melbourne by a serial killer dubbed "Mr. Creep". The film is also dispersed with scenes about a dead body found floating in the Yarra River, where more and more senior police officials instruct it to be ignored and send further downstream, reflecting the corruption and apathy shown by police throughout the film.



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