Remy Grand Brassard and Trophy Race

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The Remy Grand Brassard (left) and Trophy (right) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum

The Remy Grand Brassard and Trophy Race was an automobile race held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, on each of four automobile race weekends conducted during the two years prior to the first Indianapolis 500. The prize was sponsored by magneto manufacturer Frank Remy. In addition to a conventional trophy, the winner was awarded a brassard (or arm shield), designed to be worn by the winner. The prize also came with a cash bonus of $75 per week until the next Remy Grand race.

Race results[edit]

Year Date Winning Driver Car Race Distance Time of Race Winning Speed Starting
Miles Laps
1909 Aug 21 United States Barney Oldfield Benz 25 10 00:21:21.70 70.219 mph 3
1910 May 30 United States Ray Harroun Marmon 50 20 00:42:31.33 70.551 mph 9
July 2 United States Joe Dawson [a] Marmon 100 40 01:20:40.70 74.369 mph 13
Sept 3 United States Howdy Wilcox National 100 40 01:23:03.56 72.237 mph 11


[a] Joe Dawson was awarded the victory in the Remy Grand Brassard race of July 2, 1910, after the original first place finisher, Bob Burman, was disqualified. The disqualification took place a few weeks after the race was run, because Burman's Marquette-Buick car did not meet the rules' definition of a "stock car." Burman's winning time would have been 1:20:35.64, for a speed of 74.447 mph.


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