Hervé Renaudeau

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Hervé Renaudeau
Born Renaudeau
Residence France
Nationality French
Citizenship French
Education Aerospace engineer
Alma mater École centrale de Lyon
Known for Former Director-General of the École supérieure des techniques aéronautiques et de construction automobile and of the Institut polytechnique des sciences avancées
Predecessor Aimé Merran
Successor Francis Pollet
Children 2 children

Hervé Renaudeau, born at Laval, is a French professor and aerospace engineer. From September 2009[2] to August 2016, he has been the director-general of the Institut polytechnique des sciences avancées (French private aerospace university).


Graduate from the École centrale de Lyon (promotion 1979[3]), Hervé Renaudeau began his career as a hardware design engineer on the Mirage 2000 autopilot from 1980 to 1981, then as a simulator design engineer for company Crouzet (1981–1984). After that, he worked until 1999 at Digital in Annecy as a project manager, networks and hardware consultant. Business Manager at Atos Origin from 1999 to 2001, he manages Unilog Management, a consulting group, up to 2002.[4] Then, Hervé Renaudeau joined the École supérieure des techniques aéronautiques et de construction automobile at Levallois-Perret, and created the second campus of the university in Laval.[5] In September 2009,[6] he was appointed head of the Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées.[7] He leaves this job in August 2016.



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