Resolution on Taiwan's Future

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Resolution on Taiwan's Future
Traditional Chinese 台灣前途決議文
Simplified Chinese 台湾前途决议文

The Resolution on Taiwan's Future (Chinese: 台灣前途決議文) is a document ratified by the Democratic Progressive Party during its eighth annual national assembly on May 7–8, 1999 in the southern port-city of Kaohsiung. It signifies a milestone of the position of DPP toward Taiwan's future, and is the source of principles[1] of the ROC government under the rule of DPP.


On October 20, 2001, the DPP passed a resolution[2] elevating the status of the "1999 resolution regarding Taiwan's future" – in other words an attempt[3] at making this resolution technically replace the DPP party charter's "Taiwan independence clause." [4]

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