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CategoriesNews magazine
Trade magazine
PublisherResumé Förlag AB
Year founded1950; 69 years ago (1950)
CompanyBonnier Tidskrifter
Based inStockholm

Resumé is a Swedish language fortnightly news magazine published in Stockholm, Sweden. The magazine features articles about mass media and marketing communications.[1]

History and profile[edit]

Resumé was founded in 1950.[1] The magazine is part of Bonnier Tidskrifter[2] and is published by Resumé Förlag AB on a fortnightly basis in Stockholm.[1][3] It includes news about mass media and marketing communications. It claims to be Scandinavia's biggest magazine dealing with advertising, media and marketing.[4]

The editor-in-chief of Resumé since 25 November 2011 has been Claes de Faire.[5] Since 1996 the magazine has given an award for the "Lobbyist of This Year" (Årets lobbyist).[6]


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