Suzanne Rhatigan

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Suzanne Rhatigan
Rhatigan in her Red Dwarf appearance, 1991.
Background information
Born Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter
Labels Stock, Aitken and Waterman
Associated acts Rhatigan

Suzanne Rhatigan, is an Irish singer and songwriter born in Dublin.[1]


She moved to London in the early 1980s and found work as a session singer for Stock, Aitken and Waterman Records, before embarking on a solo career, recording her debut album with Fred Maher in 1992, To Hell With Love, which was released the following year.[1] For some time in the early 1990s, she was romantically involved with the actor Craig Charles. During this period, she appeared in an episode of cult sci-fi TV series Red Dwarf (Season 4, Episode 1: "Camille"), in which Charles starred. In 1992, she released a solo album, To Hell With Love, for which Charles co-wrote some of the songs and provided backing vocals.[1] The company distributing the album, Imago, ceased trading shortly after its release, interrupting her career. The album was produced by Fred Maher, who also played percussion, and the backing band included Matthew Sweet (bass), Robert Quine (guitar), Bernie Worrell (keyboards), Matt Backer (guitar), and Drew Vogelman (drums), among others.


She re-emerged in 1995 with the punk pop trio Rhatigan, featuring John Morrison (who also played in Hefner on bass guitar) and Brynn Burrows (later replaced by Sean Murphy) on drums. The band had a four-year residency at London's 12 Bar Club on Denmark Street, and Suzanne Rhatigan's night attracted many small bands early in their development, such as The Kings Of Convenience, The Clientele, Hefner, and Turin Brakes. The band released two albums and a handful of singles/EPs during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

In 2012, their song "Me" was covered by former collaborator Antony Harding for the Audio Antihero charity album "Some.Alternate.Universe. for FSID".[2][3]


  • Late Developer (1995) Org
  • Big Stick mini-album (1998) Cushy Productions

Singles, EPs[edit]

  • Split EP with Pura Vida (1996) Org
  • "Happy" (1996) Org
  • DIY CD EP (1999) Cushy Productions


In early 2013, Suzanne guested on the "Sisters of St. Anthony" single by Jack Hayter (ex-Hefner), released on Audio Antihero.[4]

Solo discography[edit]

  • "To Hell With Love" Imago (1992, MC single)
  • "To Hell With Love" Imago (1992, CD single) ("To Hell With Love"/"Daddy"/"Finally Come Around")
  • To Hell With Love Imago (1993, CD album)
  • "Indian Summer" Imago (1993, CD single) ("Indian Summer" (Radio Edit)/"Learning to Cry"/"Crosstown Traffic" (J.Hendrix) (2 meter session))
  • "Sisters of St. Anthony" with Jack Hayter Audio Antihero (2013, Digital Single)
  • "Before and After* Bandcamp (2013 CD single) (2 track Christmas Single) ("Time To Put Things Right"/"Spinner Of Years Acoustic Version")


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