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The Ricketts Baronetcy, of The Elms in the County of Gloucester and Beaumont Leys in the County of Leicester, is a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom. It was created on 15 February 1828 for Vice-Admiral Robert Ricketts.

The second Baronet was an admiral in the Royal Navy and appointed High Sheriff of Leicestershire in 1851. He married, firstly, Henrietta Plumbe Tempest in 1834, and, secondly, Lady Caroline Augusta Pelham-Clinton, daughter of Henry Pelham-Clinton, 4th Duke of Newcastle in 1852.[1]

The third Baronet (only child of Henrietta Plumbe Tempest) succeeded in 1884 to the estates of his maternal uncle Thomas Plumbe-Tempest and assumed by Royal licence the same year the surname of Tempest in lieu of his patronymic. This surname was also borne by the fourth Baronet but not by any subsequent holders of the baronetcy.

The seventh Baronet was married Theresa Cripps, daughter of Sir Richard Stafford Cripps.

Ricketts baronets, of The Elms and Beaumont Leys (1828)[edit]

  • Sir Robert Tristram Ricketts, 1st Baronet (1772–1842)
  • Sir Cornwallis Ricketts, 2nd Baronet (1803–1885), eldest son of the 1st Baronet
  • Sir Robert Tempest Tempest, 3rd Baronet (1836–1901), eldest son of the 2nd Baronet and only son by his first wife
  • Sir Tristram Tempest Tempest, 4th Baronet (1865–1909), only son of the 3rd Baronet
  • Sir Frederick William Rodney Ricketts, 5th Baronet (1857–1925), second and youngest son of the 2nd Baronet and only son by his second wife
  • Sir Claude Albert Frederick Ricketts, 6th Baronet (1880–1937), eldest son of the 5th Baronet
  • Sir Robert Cornwallis Gerald St Leger Ricketts, 7th Baronet (1917–2005), only son of the 6th Baronet
  • Sir Robert Tristram Ricketts, 8th Baronet (1946–2007),[2] eldest son of the 7th Baronet
  • Sir Stephen Tristram Ricketts, 9th Baronet (born 1974), only son of the 8th Baronet

The heir presumptive to the baronetcy is John Stafford Ricketts (born 1956), 2nd and youngest son of the 7th Baronet and uncle to the 9th Baronet.