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Ride To Work
Ride To Work Logo.png
Ride To Work logo
Formation 2000
Headquarters Proctor, Minnesota
Website www.ridetowork.org

Ride To Work is a Minnesota-based 501(c)(4) charitable organization devoted to increasing awareness of motorcycling as a transportation alternative, mainly through the annual Ride to Work Day. The organization was incorporated in 2000 by Andy Goldfine, the owner of Aerostich.

Ride to Work Day started in 1992[1] as an informal event, before the Ride To Work organization existed. Since 2008, Ride to Work Day has been held on the third Monday in June.[2] According to a 2006 statement to the National Transportation Safety Board by Goldfine, Ride to Work Day is the largest motorcycle event by number of participants,[3] with over one million American commuter participants annually in the early 2010s according to the Congressional Motorcycle Safety Caucus and press sources.[4][5]

Ride to Work Day is also run in other countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Slovenia, Israel, Turkey, Ecuador, Argentina and the Philippines.[6] In the United Kingdom, the Motorcycle Industry Association runs the event alongside National Motorcycle Week.[7] A survey by Motor Cycle News released to coincide with National Ride to Work Day in the United Kingdom on July 21, 2010, revealed that 59% of motorists found Britain's roads stressful and that 21% of them would like to switch to two wheels.[8]

In Argentina, in the Southern Hemisphere, the same seasonal date was respected: the third Monday of the month that initiates summer, which turns out to be the third Monday in December.[9] This is key to have a real RTW day worldwide, due to the hemispheres seasonal differences.


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