Riffs (album)

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Riffs StatusQuoalbum.jpg
Studio album by Status Quo
Released 23 December 2003
Recorded 2002-03 at Ridge Farm Studios and State of The Ark Studios
Genre Rock, Boogie rock
Length 57:32
Label Universal
Producer Mike Paxman
Status Quo chronology
Heavy Traffic
The Party Ain't Over Yet
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [1]

"Riffs" is the twenty-sixth studio album by the English rock group Status Quo, released in December 2003. Ten tracks were cover versions of pop and rock standards, the other five were re-recordings of songs they had previously issued during the 1970s. The initial release also included a bonus 9-track DVD, featuring footage recorded for television programmes and also the video for the 2002 Top 20 hit 'Jam Side Down', recorded on HMS Ark Royal. This was originally planned to be released one week after the album "Heavy Traffic", but was pushed back in time by the record company.

The booklet includes studio (non-performing) pictures of the group taken at Powderham Castle, Devon, where they played a gig shortly before completing the album.

UK Track listing[edit]

  1. "Caroline" (Rossi, Young) 4:54
  2. "I Fought The Law" (Curtis) 3:04
  3. "Born To Be Wild" (Bonfire) 4:31
  4. "Takin' Care of Business" (Bachman) 5:07
  5. "Wild One" (O'Keefe, David Owens, Johnny Greenan) 3:47
  6. "On The Road Again" (Floyd Jones, Wilson) 5:22
  7. "Tobacco Road" (Loudermilk) 2:39
  8. "Centerfold" (Seth Justman) 3:48
  9. "All Day And All Of The Night" (Davies) 2:28
  10. "Don't Bring Me Down" (Lynne) 3:57 *
  11. "Junior's Wailing" (Kieran White, Martin Pugh) 3:28
  12. "Pump It Up" (Costello) 3:30
  13. "Down the Dustpipe" (Carl Grossman) 2:21
  14. "Whatever You Want" (Parfitt, Bown) 4:32
  15. "Rockin' All Over The World" (Fogerty) 3:56
  • * Only on UK version.

UK Track listing Bonus DVD[edit]

  1. "Caroline" (Francis Rossi, Bob Young)
  2. "Roll Over Lay Down" (Francis Rossi, Bob Young, Alan Lancaster, Rick Parfitt, John Coghlan)
  3. "Whatever You Want" (Rick Parfitt, Andrew Bown)
  4. "Forty-Five Hundred Times-Rain" (Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt) (Live at Heitere Open Air, Zofingen, Switzerland - August 2003)
  5. "Solid Gold" (Francis Rossi, Bob Young) (Live at Heitere Open Air, Zofingen, Switzerland - August 2003)
  6. "Paper Plane" (Francis Rossi, Bob Young) (Top of the Pops 2 Status Quo Special)
  7. "All Stand Up" (Francis Rossi, Bob Young) (Top of the Pops)
  8. "Rockin All Over The World" (John Cameron Fogerty) (Top of the Pops 2000th Edition)
  9. "Jam Side Down" (Terry Britten, Charlie Dore) (Video)