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Riley & Son (E) Ltd, is a railway locomotive engineering and refurbishment company, based in Heywood, Greater Manchester. From 2004 to 2016, the company undertook the restoration of LNER A3 Pacific No. 4472 Flying Scotsman, and enabled it to undertake journeys on the current main line.[1]

In 2006, the company worked on the reversion of the GWR 4900 Class locomotive 4942 Maindy Hall to be 2999 - Lady of Legend when running as a 4-6-0 and 191 Churchward when it runs as 4-4-2.[2][3]

The company was previously known as Ian Riley Engineering when in addition to engineering, it operated as a spot-hire company. The company has been a leader in main line steam haulage for some time, being one of the pioneers of fitting air brake, TPWS and OTMR equipment to their locomotives.

The company used to own a fleet of Class 37 diesel locomotives that were gradually sold to other operators. The final four locomotives were sold to the West Coast Railway Company in May 2004.

Flying Scotsman restoration[edit]

In January 2006, work began at the National Railway Museum on an overhaul of Flying Scotsman locomotive that was expected to take 18-20 months and cost £1.6 million. However costs and timescales grew out of control and there were tensions between the museum and its contractors. In 2013 Riley & Son were granted the contract to see the project to completion at its then 159 year-old works in Bury. The work was finished in the New Year of 2016.[4] [5] [6][7] Riley & Son will manage the locomotive's operations for two years after the restoration.[1]


Key: In service Under overhaul/restoration Under repair Withdrawn Stored Sold for scrap Sold for further use
Number Class Name Year Acquired by Riley & Son (E) Ltd Previous Owner Livery Status
37038 37 2000 ex-EWS Civil Engineers Sold to Direct Rail Services in 2003, where it is currently operational.
37073 37 2003 ex-EWS Trans-Rail Scrapped in 2003.
37197 37 2000 ex-EWS IRE Two Tone Green Scrapped by Direct Rail Services in 2012.
37235 37 2002 ex-EWS Trainload Grey Scrapped by Harry Needle Railroad Company in 2008.
37261 37 2001 ex-EWS BR Green Sold to WCRC in 2004; then onto Direct Rail Services, where it has since been stripped for spares. Sold to The Scottish Thirty Seven Group for long-term restoration and moved from Barrow Hill to Bo'ness in July 2015.
37334 37 2001 ex-EWS Railfreight Distribution Scrapped by CF Booth Limited in 2005.
37423 37 2003 ex-EWS Trans-Rail Sold to WCRC in 2004; then onto Direct Rail Services, where it is currently operational.
37518 37 Fort William/An Gearasdan 2011 Steven Beniston Intercity Swallow Mainline operational - Sold to WCRC in 2013.
35009 SR Merchant Navy Class 4-6-2 Shaw Savill ex-Woodham Brothers Stored dismantled. Riley has now taken on the restoration, expected to be restored to British Railways Express Passenger Blue.
35018 SR Merchant Navy Class 4-6-2 British India Line Jeremy Hosking Sold to David Smith at West Coast Railways at Carnforth and is mainline operational.
44871 LMS Stanier Class 5 4-6-0 Previously "Sovereign" 2007 The Beet Family (Dr Peter Beet) BR Lined Mixed-Traffic Black, Early emblem Mainline operational. Appears on rail tours such as The Jacobite.
45212 LMS Stanier Class 5 4-6-0 - BR Lined Mixed-Traffic Black, Late crest Operational. On a 10-year loan agreement which will see it operate on the national network.
45407 LMS Stanier Class 5 4-6-0 The Lancashire Fusilier 1997 Paddy Smith BR Lined Mixed-Traffic Black, Early emblem Mainline operational. Appears on rail tours such as The Jacobite.
47298 LMS Fowler Class 3F 2012 Major Hugh Parker BR Lined Mixed-Traffic Black, Early emblem Undergoing slow overhaul
60103 LNER Gresley Class A3 Flying Scotsman - - BR Lined Green, Late crest Mainline operational. On 2 year loan from the National Railway Museum after her restoration was completed by Ian Riley's team in Bury.
76079 BR Standard Class 4 2-6-0 1998 Derek Foster BR Lined Mixed-Traffic Black, Early emblem Sold to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway on 27 August 2009. Currently operational at the NYMR and mainline certified for use between Grosmont and Whitby with occasional visits to Battersby.


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