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Roedvig (Rødvig) Shipmotor Museum is a Danish "Self-owned Institution" founded in 1987 in Rødvig, Zealand, Denmark. It is one of several technical museums in Denmark.

As of 2013 the museum has a collection of approximately 400 different engines, produced mostly by now defunct Danish factories over the period 1898 to 1974. The engines range in size from small outboards up to one German MTU medium-sized diesel of 2 000 hp.

At one time or another there were about 140 different producers of marine engines in Denmark. In 2013, only five of those 140 companies are still active: Hundested Propeller, Burmeister & Wain, Grenaa Motor Fabrik, Callesen Diesel (merged with Bukh), & Bukh Diesel (merged with Callesen). Engines from over half of the former 140 Danish producers can be found at the museum. Some of these are in working order and can be run within the museum. The museum exhibits comprise a timeline or history in marine engine development from 1898 onwards.

The museum also has an archive with extensive documention and technical material about various engines and their manufacturers.

The museum commemorated its 25th anniversary in September 2012.[1]


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