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Roger Soame Jenyns (1904–1976),[1] who usually wrote his name simply as Soame Jenyns[2] was a British art historian, known as an expert on East Asian ceramics.[1]

Roger Soame Jenyns was educated at Eton and at Magdalene College of Cambridge University. In 1926 he joined the Hong Kong Civil Service.[3] In Hong Kong, he became one of the valuable contributors to the newly established journal, The Hong Kong Naturalist.[4] His articles would often touch on the cultural role of South China's animals and plants.[5]

In 1931, Jenyns left Hong Kong for England, to take up a job at the British Museum,[3] where he served as the Assistant Keeper of Oriental Antiquities until 1967.[2][6] In 1935 he published a well-received book on Chinese painting;[4] later on, he authored several books on Chinese ceramics and jades in which he described many items from the museum's collection.[1]

In 1936, Roger Soame Jenyns inherited the Bottisham Hall estate, which two centuries earlier had been owned by his remote relative, the writer and politician Soame Jenyns.[7]


Soame Jenyns married Anne Thomson Berridge on 24 April 1941. They had two sons.[2]

Books by Soame Jenyns[edit]


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