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The Romanian Sporthorse, also known as Romanian Warmblood is a breed of horse developed in Romania during the mid-20th century. They are a mixture of Anglo-Arabian, Furioso-North Star, Nonius and Thoroughbred blood. Since the closing of the stud book, the breed has declined in population. They are used mainly for show jumping, although some are also used for three-day eventing and dressage.

History and Origin[edit]

This population of equines started to outline since 1962, when the criteria for them was fixed. For making the Romanian Sporthorse it was taken into account the possibility to include the qualities of some breeds so there were made pairs to be bred. The selection was strict. There already passed four generations since this breed was taken into shape. The mares are mainly Anglo-Arabians, but the lines include other breeds like Furioso-North Star and Nonius. The stallions were mostly Thoroughbreds with the scope to grow the height and speed of the produces. At the moment this breed is growing isolated, the registry being closed since the last Thoroughbred stallion used for stud, named Finish. After him the influence of other breeds was closed in the breed.

Breed Characteristics[edit]

A Romanian Sporthorse head

Romanian Sporthorses stand between 162 cm-172 cm (16-17hh). They can come in bay, black, chestnut or grey colouring, bay being the most common. They can only be solid colours however markings are allowed. Stripes, blazes and socks are common among the breed. Their profile is almost square as well as short and muscular; their legs are clean and long with wide, strong joints as well as their neck being short, thick and muscular. Their heads are small and concave and look similar to those of Arabians. The breed also sports wide chests and hips along with strong, almost straight croups.


Despite the fact that this breed is highly influenced by the Thoroughbred, they do not share the same choleric temperament. Romanian Sporthorses are obedient horses with an alert temperament and well outlined intelligence and elegance.


The Romanian Sporthorse shows talent for showjumping and their conformation is made for this discipline. Though, you can still obtain really good dressage horses and eventers. This breed is now taking their place in national and international competition.[1]