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The Romany Rye is a novel by George Borrow, written in 1857.

This was the play in progress when the Theatre Royal in Exeter burnt down in 1887

The novel[edit]

Largely thought to be at least partly autobiographical, it follows on from Lavengro (1851). The title can be translated from Romany as 'Gipsy Gentleman'. On October 18, 1853, Mrs. George Borrow wrote to John Murray (his publisher), and spoke of her husband's completing his work - "which he proposes to call The Romany Rye - A Sequel to Lavengro."

The story itself follows the journey of a learned young man living with Romanies. It is a philosophical adventure story of sorts.[1]

In popular culture[edit]

A pub located in Colman Road, Norwich, was named The Romany Rye, and later The Romany Beer House before it ceased trading in November, 2008.[2] The Wetherspoons public house chain have used the name Romany Rye for their pub (opened in 2011) in Dereham, Norfolk. Borrow was born in the town.[3]


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