Rosa Paula Iribagiza

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Rosa Paula Iribagiza
Born (1934-03-20) 20 March 1934 (age 83)
Gitega, Burundi
Throne(s) claimed Burundi
Last monarch Ntare V
Connection with Brother
Royal House Ntwero
Father Mwambutsa IV
Mother Thérèse Kanyonga
Spouse André Muhirwa
Frédéric Van de Sande
Children Rémy Muhirwa
Charles Muhirwa
Louise Muhirwa
Michelle Muhirwa
Anita Iribagiza
Sheila Kiliza
David Kiliza

Rosa Paula Iribagiza Mwambutsa (born 20 March 1934) is the current pretender to the throne of Burundi and a member of that nation's parliament. She was a sister of Burundi's last king, Ntare V (who had overthrown their father Mwambutsa IV in 1966), who was executed in 1972. In 2009, Ms. Iribagiza called for an investigation into the death of her brother.[1][2][3]


She married twice.[4]

With her first husband, Chief André Muhirwa of Busumanyi, she had two sons and two daughters.

  • Rémy Muhirwa. Firstly he married to Pascale Hody (later divorced). Secondly he married to Michèle Ingabire Gateretse.
  • Charles Muhirwa.
  • Louise Muhirwa (born in Muhinga, on 29 April 1956). Married to Camille Ngoga.
  • Michelle Muhirwa.

Princess Rosa Paula Iribagiza also had issue by François Bourgeon, a French national, one daughter:

  • Anita Iribagiza (born on 15 October 1970). Actress.

Also Princess Rosa Paula had further issue by Hamisi Masud Kiliza, one son and one daughter:

  • Sheila Babile Kiliza (born in Nairobi, Kenya, on 16 June 1973).
  • David Kabunga wa Mwambutsa Hamisi Kiliza (born in Nairobi, Kenya, on 2 July 1974). IT Specialist in Brussels, Belgium.




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Rosa Paula Iribagiza
House of Ntwero
Born: 20 March 1934