Rotbold II, Count of Provence

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Rotbold II, Count of Provence
Died1014 or 1015
Noble familyBosonids
Spouse(s)Ermengarde of Burgundy
FatherRotbold I of Provence
MotherEmilde of Gévaudan

Rotbold II (also Rothbold, Rotbald, Rodbald, Roubaud, or Rotbaud) (died 1014 or 1015) was the Count and Margrave of Provence from 1008 to his death. He was the only son of Rotbold I and Emilde, daughter of Stephen, Viscount of Gévaudan. He inherited all his father's titles on his death in 1008. He is an obscure person, difficult to differentiate from his father.


Rotbald married Ermengarde of Burgundy.[1] By her he left two sons and a daughter:

His widow Ermengard married Rudolf III of Burgundy c. 1016 and she died c. 28 Aug. 1057.[1]


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