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The Rothwell scale, or Rothwell system, or Rothwell method, applied to incontinence care products, is a scale that shows how absorbent a particular incontinence pad or adult diaper is, and how much liquid it can hold before it is likely to leak.

The system provides a quick reference for assessing how much liquid can be held by a sheet, pad or diaper, and therefore how appropriate it will be for a particular individual in any given circumstance. The scale is based on the total absorbency test ISO 11948-1. The scale runs from 1 to 22, with 1 being able to hold the least liquid, measured in grams, and 22 the most. The scale also applies a prefix to show what type of product is being referred to, with pads and sheets having an “I” prefix, and all in one diapers using a D prefix.

Scale Absorbency Scale Absorbency
I1 0g to 49g D14 1300g to 1699g
I2 50g to 99g D15 1700g to 2099g
I3 100g to 199g D16 2100g to 2499g
I4 200g to 299g D17 2500g to 2899g
I5 300g to 449g D18 2900g to 3299g
I6 450g to 599g D19 3300g to 3699g
I7 600g to 799g D20 3700g to 4099g
I8 800g to 999g D21 4100g to 4499g
I9 1000g to 1249g D22 4500g to 4899g
I10 1250g to 1499g
I11 1500g to 1799g
I12 1800g to 2099g
I13 2100g to 2499g
I14 2500g to 2899g
I15 2900g to 3299g