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The Round Table Family organisation is a group of social networking and charitable clubs that together form a worldwide movement of tens of thousands of people.

The clubs are:

Round Table
Founded in 1927. Open to men aged 18-45.

Ladies Circle
Founded in 1932. Open to women aged 18-45.
Ladies Circle is a social networking organisation for young women aged between 18 and 45, founded in 1932. It aims to promote friendship through social contact at local, national and international level and to be of service to the community. For many years Circlers were the wives or partners of members of Round Table, but in 1993 the rules were changed and Ladies' Circle is now open to any woman in the age range 18 - 45, and whilst Ladies' Circle work very closely with Round Table on many issues, both business and social, they are a totally independent organisation. The club is affiliated to Ladies Circle International.

41 Club
Founded in 1945. Open to past Round Tablers over 40.
The full name is "The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs".
41 Club specialises in continuing the friendships made in Round Table. The philosophy of the club is very similar to that of Round Table, but it is often less ‘active’ and in many cases clubs meet less often. The Club's main purpose is to support Round Table and, if possible, participate in local community service initiatives or charity work. However the ‘continued friendship’ and ‘fellowship’ aspect is of great importance. Most clubs meet monthly, often in a public house, golf club or restaurant. Meetings are usually semi-formal with either an activity or a speaker to entertain. Lifelong friendships are often made in 41 Club. To join 41 Club it is a requirement to have been a member of Round Table. 41 Club is affiliated to 41 International.

Founded 1953. Open to women over 45.
The National Association of Tangent Clubs is an organisation for women, mainly aged over 45, with a focus on making friends and enjoying a programme of interesting and fun activities, eating out, theatre, walks as well as sometimes supporting local and national causes through fundraising events. The UK club has links with Tangent Clubs across the world and are part of Tangent Club International.

Related clubs

Table Plus.
Part of the 41 Club. Open to men aged 45-60.

Part of Tangent. Open to women aged 45-60.

Agora Club International
A second international arm of Tangent.

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