List of rowing clubs on the River Wear

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The River Wear is home to a number of sports rowing clubs. These clubs are based in Durham, Chester-le-Street and Sunderland. All clubs are members of British Rowing and all the Durham College clubs are members of Durham College Rowing.


In Durham, there are a number of clubs based on the river.

Club Blade colours Boat code
Butler College Boat Club Josephine Butler Boat Club Blade.svg BTL
Collingwood College Boat Club Collingwood College Boat Club Blade.svg COC
Durham Amateur Rowing Club Durham Amateur Rowing Club Rowing Blade.svg DUR
Durham Constabulary Rowing Club Durham Amateur Rowing Club Rowing Blade.svg DMC
Durham High School for Girls Blue blade with gold chevron DUH
Durham School Boat Club Durham School Boat Club.svg DUS
Grey College Boat Club Grey College Boat Club Blade.svg GRC
Durham University Boat Club Durham University Boat Club Blade.svg DUB
Hatfield College Boat Club Hatfield College (Durham) Boat Club Blade.svg HAT
Hild & Bede Boat Club Hild Bede Boat Club Blade.svg SHB
St Aidan's College Boat Club St Aidans College Boat Club Blade.svg AID
St Chad's College Boat Club St Chads College Boat Club Blade.svg SCH
St Cuthbert's Society Boat Club St Cuthberts Society Boat Club Blade.svg SCB
St John's College Boat Club St Johns College Boat Club Blade.svg SJC
St Leonard's School St Leonards School Boat Club Blade.svg SLS
St Mary's College Boat Club St Marys College Boat Club Blade.svg SMC
Trevelyan College Boat Club Trevelyan College Boat Club Blade.svg TRV
University College Boat Club University College Durham Boat Club Blade.svg UCD
Ustinov College Boat Club Ustinov Boat Club Blade.svg UST
Van Mildert Boat Club Van Mildert Boat Club Blade.svg VAN


In Chester-le-Street there is one club on the river:

Club Blade colours Boat code
Chester-le-Street Amateur Rowing Club Chester Le Street Amateur Rowing Club Rowing Blade.svg CLS


In Sunderland there are two rowing clubs:

Club Blade colours Boat code
Sunderland City Rowing Club Light blue blade with dark blue tip CSN
Sunderland University Rowing Club Blue blade with gold tip USN

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