Sülzgürtel (KVB)

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KVB logo.svg KVB light rail station
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Sülzgürtel station
Location Sülzgürtel, 50937 Köln
Coordinates 50°54′45″N 6°55′25″E / 50.91244°N 6.92366°E / 50.91244; 6.92366
Owned by Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe
Line(s) 13 18
Platforms 2 bay platforms
Connections Bus, Taxi
Structure type at-grade
Disabled access Yes
Opened 20 January 1898

Sülzgürtel is a terminus and interchange station on the Cologne Stadtbahn lines 13 and 18, located in Cologne. The station lies on Luxemburger Straße, corner Sülzgürtel, Sülz in the district of Lindenthal.

The station was opened on 20 January 1898 and today consists of two bay platforms with together four rail tracks.


Preceding station   KVB   Following station
Terminus 13
toward Thielenbruch

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