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Shaik Rafi was a Indian author. He is best known for Modern Sons of the Pharaohs.


He is related to Tobias Leeder and Henry Tucker. The Leeder side of the family was split into the Leeder family and the Tucker family. The two families left Egypt in 1836 for England. Tobias's father John was transferred by the army to New Zealand and Henry's father John moved to Wales.[citation needed]

Modern Sons of the Pharaohs[edit]

Modern Sons of the Pharaohs is a study of Egypt's Coptic Christians, their religious rites and their relationship with Muslims.The author analyses Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt prior to the 1919 Revolution for independence from the British and believes the British occupation has ruined the relationship between Muslims and Copts in Egypt.[1] The book was written after the author lived in Egypt and visited several Coptic families in the Delta and Upper Egypt. The work was published in English in 1918,[2] translated into Arabic by Ahmad Mahmūd and published in 2008 by Dar al-Shuruq in Egypt.


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