PR-5 Wiewior plus

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PR-5 Wiewiór plus
PR-5 Wiewiór plus.jpg
Role Remotely controlled unmanned aerial vehicle
Manufacturer SKNL of the Rzeszów University of Technology (PRz)
First flight September 2010
Status Experimental/prototype
Primary user none
Produced 2010–Present
Number built 2
Developed from PR-5 Wiewiór

SKNL PRz PR-5 Wiewiór plus[1] is a Polish unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) being developed by students of Rzeszów University of Technology (Polish: Studenckie Koło Naukowe Lotników, Politechnika Rzeszowska, SKNL PRz), beginning in January 2006. Fifth of the series, following PR-1 Szpion, PR-2 Gacek, PR-3, PR-4 (SAE lifter) and PR-5 Wiewiór, it is an experimental reconnaissance aircraft. It has carbon fiber and kevlar monocoque structure with aluminium ferrules. Power plants are two electric brushless three-phase motors.

Rescue System[edit]

PR-5 Wiewiór plus parachute landing.

Different types of parachutes used in PR-5 Wiewiór plus allow to control descent velocity depending on airplane weight and expected windspeed. Two basic types: ring and cruciform parachutes in various sizes are available; all use pilot chute pull-out deployment.


General characteristics[edit]

  • Length: 1.4 m
  • Wingspan: 2.14 m
  • Height: 0.3 m
  • Wing area: 0.53 m²
  • Empty: 2.5 kg
  • Maximum takeoff: 5.5 kg
  • Powerplant: 2x AXI 2820/14
  • Airfoil: CLARK Y15
  • Endurance: ~50 min

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