K.S.K. Ronse

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Sk ronse.png
Full name Koninklijke Sportkring Ronse
Founded 1987
Ground Orphale Cruckestadion
Ground Capacity 5,021
Chairman Jean-Marie Vandendriessche
Manager Belgium Carl Deviaene
League Belgian Fourth Division A
Website Club website

K.S.K. Ronse is a Belgian association football club from Ronse in East Flanders born in 1987 from the fusion between Assa Ronse and R.F.C. Renaisien.


A.S. Renaisienne was founded in 1906 and received later the matricule n° 38. The club first reached second division in 1923 but returned to third division in 1926 as only the best 7 from each league (A and B) were qualified to play the united second division on the next season. Anyway, after two seasons at the third level, A.S. Renaisienne was back to second division for just one year (as they finished last). In 1931, the other club from the town (that was then named Club Renaisien with matricule n° 46) promoted to second division joined in 1937 by A.S., both clubs remaining there until the competition was stopped due to World War II. After the war, the two clubs declined, Club (now named R.F.C. Renaisien) making a short one-season appearance in second division (1958–59). In 1987 the fusion became inevitable. The new club kept the matricule n° 38.

Current squad[edit]

As of 29 December 2015.[1] Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Belgium GK Robin Bradt
2 Belgium DF Philippe Buysens
3 Belgium DF Marvin Foucart
4 France MF Karim Demonceaux
5 Belgium DF Glenn Timmerman
6 Belgium MF Gauthier Lauders
8 France MF Guillaume Langlet
10 Belgium FW Brandon Delneste
11 France FW Paul Palisse
12 Belgium MF Kenneth Deviaene
14 Belgium FW Gregory Timmermans
15 Belgium Xavier Pessleux
16 Belgium FW Ritchy Detemmerman
No. Position Player
17 Belgium MF Sven Leleux
18 Belgium MF Vincent Milito
19 Belgium MF Youssef El Ghouch
20 Belgium GK Lorenzo Mestdach
22 Belgium MF Julien Sourdeau
23 Belgium DF Stéphane Van de Sande
24 Belgium Valerio Gentile
25 France DF Anthony De Geitere
26 France MF Lorenzo Muratore
27 Belgium GK Luc-Emmanuel Baas
28 France DF Arnaud Pogoda
31 Belgium GK Sevane Flandrinck


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