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Studio album by Mayumi Iizuka
Released July 24, 2003
Genre J-pop
Length 42:36
Label Tokuma Japan Communications
Producer Tore Johansson
Mayumi Iizuka chronology
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Smile×Smile (released on July 24, 2003) is J-pop artist Mayumi Iizuka's seventh album and was produced by Tore Johansson, who is a Swedish musician.


This, Mayumi Iizuka's seventh album, was produced by Tore Johansson and has ten songs. All of the songs were written the lyrics solely by Iizuka and containing two previously released singles, i.e. "Pure" (#5) and "Kikasete yo Kimi no Koe" (#10). A few songs were composed or arranged by three Swedish musicians, including Johansson.

Also, the sleeve is in a handwritten style by Iizuka in Japanese.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Kimi to Ita Memory (君といたmemory / Memory with You)
    • Lyrics: Mayumi Iizuka
    • Composition: cota
    • Arrangement: Michiaki Kato
  2. My Best Friend
    • Lyrics: Mayumi Iizuka
    • Composition and arrangement: Motoki Matsuoka
  3. Drive Shiyou yo! (ドライブしようよ! / Let's Drive!)
    • Lyrics: Mayumi Iizuka
    • Composition: Sora Izumikawa
    • Arrangement: Tore Johansson
  4. Gomen ne (ごめんね / I'm sorry)
    • Lyrics: Mayumi Iizuka
    • Composition: Ritsuko Okazaki
    • Arrangement: Tore Johansson
  5. Pure
    • Lyrics: Mayumi Iizuka
    • Composition and arrangement: Tore Johansson and Solveig Sandnes
  6. Uniform (ユニフォーム)
    • Lyrics: Mayumi Iizuka
    • Composition and arrangement: Wisao Yoshida
  7. Party Time (パーティー☆タイム)
    • Lyrics: Mayumi Iizuka
    • Composition: Ulf Turesson
    • Arrangement: Tore Johansson
  8. Gyutto. (ぎゅっと。/ Tightly.)
    • Lyrics: Mayumi Iizuka
    • Composition: Kohei Dojima
    • Arrangement: Ulf Turesson
  9. Dream
  10. Kikasete yo Kimi no Koe (聴かせてよ君の声 / Give Me the Sound of Your Voice) S×S version
    • Lyrics: Mayumi Iizuka
    • Composition: Tomoki Hasegawa
    • Arrangement: Tomofumi "Chibun" Suzuki