Soulmate (album)

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Jacksoul Soulmate.jpg
Studio album by jacksoul
Released December 1, 2009
Genre R&B/soul
Length 35:56
Label Sony Music Canada
Producer Haydain Neale, Ron Lopata
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SOULmate is the fifth and final album by Canadian R&B/soul band jacksoul, released in 2009. It was released shortly after the death of Haydain Neale. All proceeds from the sales of the album will go to the Haydain Neale Family Trust.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lonesome Highway"
  2. "How We Do"
  3. "All You Need"
  4. "Lion Heart"
  5. "This Is Heaven"
  6. "911"
  7. "I Surrender"
  8. "It's You"
  9. "Do It to Me"
  10. "You're Beautiful"


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