Sparisjóður Reykjavíkur og nágrennis

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Sparisjóður Reykjavíkur og nágrennis
Public (Nasdaq IcelandSPRON))
Industry Banking
Fate Government custodianship, assets moved to other state-owned banks
Successor Arion banki
Founded March 5, 1932
Defunct 2009
Headquarters Reykjavík, Iceland
Area served
Capital Region
Key people
Guðmundur Hauksson (CEO)
Number of employees
190 (including sudsidiaries)
Subsidiaries SPRON Verðbréf,
SPRON Factoring,
Frjálsi Fjárfestingarbankinn

Sparisjóður Reykjavíkur og nágrennis (English: Reykjavík Savings Bank), often shortened to SPRON was an Icelandic savings bank. It had six branches, all in the Reykjavík capital area. The bank was established March 5, 1932, and was nationalized in 2009 following a major banking and financial crisis in Iceland. Most assets were subsequently moved to Nýja Kaupþing.

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