SS Meteor

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SS Meteor may refer to:

  • SS Meteor (1896), a whaleback freighter on the Great Lakes that sailed until 1969; now a museum ship in Superior, Wisconsin
  • SS Meteor (1904), an ocean liner built for the Hamburg America Line; sunk by aircraft 9 March 1945
  • One of several Type C2 ships built for the United States Maritime Commission:
    • SS Meteor (1941) (MC hull number 127, Type C2-T), built by Tampa Shipbuilding; transferred to the United States Navy as Arcturus-class attack cargo ship USS Electra (AKA-4); scrapped in 1974
    • SS Meteor (1943) (MC hull number 292, Type C2-S-B1), built by Moore Dry Dock; sold for commercial use under the name American Miller in 1948; scrapped in 1970