Saba Island, United States Virgin Islands

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Saba Island is a rocky Caribbean island in the United States Virgin Islands, situated three miles south of the Cyril E. King Airport and 2.6 miles west of Water Island.[1] It is a steep, 200 feet high island with a sandy beach on the northern side. Turtledove Cay is connected by a shallow sandbar. Saba Island has salt ponds on both the eastern and western sides, which is popular bird observation posts, and has numerous rocky cliffs with sea birds on its southern shores. The island has the archipelago’s largest colony of sea birds with more than 30,000 Sooty terns.[2] Other sea bird species include the Bridled tern, Roseate tern, Brown noddy, Black-crowned night heron, Black-necked stilt, Yellow warbler, as well as the Red-billed- and White-tailed tropicbird. Besides for bird observation, the island is visited by scuba divers and snorkelers. In addition to coral reefs,[3] the waters here are home to numerous ship wrecks, such as the Witshoal II, Witconcrete II, Grainton, and Witservice IV.[4]


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Coordinates: 18°18′20″N 65°00′03″W / 18.30556°N 65.00083°W / 18.30556; -65.00083