Sabaa Bahrat Square, Aleppo

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Sabaa Bahrat Square with the Aleppo Chamber of Industry in the background

Sabaa Bahrat Square (Arabic: ساحة السبع بحرات‎‎) (In Arabic: Square of the Seven Fountains) is one of the most important squares in Aleppo, Syria.

Located at the intersection of "Abdel Menem Riyad street" with "Al-Mutanabbi" street within the ancient part of the city, the square is an important junction between the old city and modern Aleppo.

Many important official buildings are located around the square, including the Aleppo Chamber of Industry, Coral Julia Dumna Hotel and the main entrance of Suweiqa; one of the largest covered markets of the old city.

The main Aleppo branches of the local banks are situated along the Al-Mutanabbi street, up to the Sabaa Bahrat square. Abdel Menem Riyad street is home to the main offices of many Syrian political parties as well as to the 16th century mansion of Dar Rajab Pasha.

The square is the main rout towards the Great Mosque of Aleppo.

The centre of the square is decorated with colourful dancing fountains.



Coordinates: 36°12′07″N 37°09′21″E / 36.20194°N 37.15583°E / 36.20194; 37.15583