Sachs and Violens

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Sachs and Violens
Cover to Sachs & Violens #1 (November 1993). Art by George Pérez.
Publication information
PublisherEpic Comics
Publication dateNovember 1993 - July 1994
No. of issues4
Main character(s)Sachs
Creative team
Created byPeter David
George Pérez
Written byPeter David
Artist(s)George Pérez
Collected editions
Sachs and ViolensISBN 1-4012-1050-3

Sachs and Violens is a fictional comic book duo created by American writer Peter David and co-developed with George Pérez. They first appeared in a four-issue miniseries of the same name that was published by Marvel's Epic Comics imprint from 1993 to 1994. The series was part of the Heavy Hitters line, and featured a greater amount of violence and adult situations compared with mainstream comic books of the time (the title itself is an obvious play on the words "sex and violence"), and as such it was recommended for mature readers. The duo later appeared as supporting characters in David's other creator-owned series, Fallen Angel.

Plot and characters[edit]

Juanita "J.J." Sachs is a model who does softcore photo shoots for her friend Ernie "Violens" Schultz, a former Vietnam War photojournalist. After her friend is viciously murdered in a snuff photo shoot, the two of them track down the people responsible, and in the process, become lovers, and uncover an underworld of depravity, ending in a violent showdown in Mardi Gras.

Sachs and Violens currently appear as supporting characters in Peter David's creator-owned title, Fallen Angel. They first appeared in the second volume of the series, which was published by IDW Publishing, in which they arrive in the series' setting of Bete Noire, a mysterious city of Biblical origin inhabited by various characters of dubious character and motives. They become allies of the series' titular heroine, Liandra, and continue to appear the series' third volume, by the same publisher, which debuted in August 2009.

Collected edition[edit]

In December 2006, the series was collected into Sachs and Violens, a 128-page trade paperback by DC Comics.


In August 2009, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, a company that produces comic book-themed perfumes, debuted "Sachs & Violens", based on the titular comic book characters. Proceeds from sales of the scent got to the Hero Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping comic book creators in need of health, medical, and quality-of-life assistance.[1][2]


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